1. General Information

SonaKal is an event where those who complete the round within the given time, not the fast one, will remain in the race. SonaKal will start on November 21, 2021 at 10:00. Runners who complete the 3.25-kilometer course within the time given for that lap will be eligible to start on the next lap. Runners who cannot complete the course during the lap period can be a part of the excitement in the Funzone.

After the previous lap's finished, 5 minutes of preparation time is given for each lap. An additional 5 minutes of preparation time will be given for the final lap.

Lap Times:

1st Lap 35 minutes      Start: 10:00

2nd Lap 30 minutes     Start: 10:40

3rd Lap 25 minutes      Start: 11:15

4th Lap 20 minutes      Start: 11:45

5th Lap 15 minutes      Start: 12:10

6th Lap 14 minutes      Start: 12:30

7th Lap 13 minutes      Start: 12:49

8th SonaKal Final Lap                Start: 13:10

The total running distance is 26 km and the running time is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Those who have completed their laps within the times above are eligible to start the next lap. The 3 fastest female and male runners who complete the final lap within the time limit receive ratings according to their finishing order. If no one can stay for the last lap or there are no people to determine the first three ranks, the ranking will be made by looking at the previous laps.


2. Terms of Participation

The event is open to anyone aged 18 and over who are in possession of either (a) a valid medical certificate, which does not expire before 21 November 2021 and indicates that the person can participate to long-distance runs, or a valid license issued by a sports federation. These documents will be checked by the organization before the race. The participants should have athletic preparation and have suitable clothes for variable weather conditions and temperature differences.


3. Registration

a) Registration procedure

Only registered runners can participate in the event. Online registration at website closes on November 12, 2021 at 17:00 hrs. (TCT), or when the maximum number of 1000 participants have registered.

Registrations will close regardless of the deadline when it reached the participant limit.

A registration cannot be transferred and the organization will not allow another person to run on behalf of a registered participant.


b) Registration fee

 Registration fees;

- Non-refundable registration fee: 150 TL.

- Refundable registration fee: 180 TL (Full refund if the registration is canceled before October 1st, 2021).

- Registration fee after October 1st, 2021: 180 TL (Non-refundable).

The registration fee must be paid via Visa or MasterCard credit cards at the time of registration. Only registrations with full payment will be taken into consideration for the maximum participant limit. The organization has the right to reduce this fee under certain conditions.

Registration fee includes:

- Race Bib

- Timing chip

- Race t-shirt


c) Cancellation and Refund

The refundable registration fee will be refunded fully within a month if a registration is canceled before October 1st, 2021. There won't be any refunds after this date.

Cancellation of the registrations can only be made by notifying the organization via email to [email protected].

Refunds are returned to the participant in the same way as the payment was made by the participant. If the payment was made by bank transfer, the refund will be made to the same bank account, or if the payment was made by credit card, the refund will be made to the same credit card.

No refund of the registration fee will be made should the race be cancelled or interrupted due to reasons beyond the control of the organization, such as bad weather conditions.


4. Distribution of Race Packs

Race packs including the race bibs will be distributed at the Race Office in Maltepe Beach Sports Facility on the dates listed below:

  • November 20, 2021 Saturday: Between 10:00 & 24:00.
  • November 21, 2021 Sunday: Between 08:00 & 09:45


5. Race Start, Finish and Zones

The race starts on November 21, 2021, at 10:00 from the start point. Participants are required to be at the start area at least 30 minutes in advance, i.e. before 09:30.

There will be changing rooms and a bag deposit area. The deposited bags can be retrieved at the end of the race by showing the race bib. The organization cannot be held responsible for any items left unattended or outside of the bag deposit area and with the bags without number.

Participants who finish the race within the time limit should be at the start point at the start time of the next lap.

After the start gate is closed, runners cannot start. The lap time begins with the opening of the start door and ends with the closing of the finish door at the end of the specified lap time.

At the end of the specified lap time, the finish gate will be closed and participants who fail to finish within the specified time will be considered eliminated and taken to the Fun Zone.

Eliminated participants cannot enter the track until the end of the race.

Running teams will be able to support their runners in the support zone designated for them.

A feeding and support station will be located in the start/finish area. Hot and cold drinks, biscuits, energy bars, physiotherapy and health team will be located in this area.

There will be a bag deposit area for those who arrive at the EXPO area without a vehicle.

Start/Finish Zone:

The area where participants who have successfully completed their laps will gather for the next start.

Fun Zone:

The area where eliminated participants, sponsor stands and Expo will be located.

Support Zone:

The area where running teams can support their runners. The priority of the Support Zone will be determined by the number of participants of the running groups. Support Zone will be located around the tartan track and the running teams will be able to support their runners during start and finish time.

All kinds of animation is free! The running team that makes the most colorful support will also be rewarded.


6. Race Route

SonaKal has a total distance of 3.25 km with a variation in altitude of 10+ m.

The route will be marked with reflective bands and other means. Any departures from the official route entail disqualification.


7. Checkpoints and Time Limits

Transitions from and 3. km will be checked and can be watched from the screens at Funzone.

1st Lap 35 minutes      Start: 10:00

2nd Lap 30 minutes     Start: 10:40

3rd Lap 25 minutes      Start: 11:15

4th Lap 20 minutes      Start: 11:45

5th Lap 15 minutes      Start: 12:10

6th Lap 14 minutes      Start: 12:30

7th Lap 13 minutes      Start: 12:49

8th Lap SonaKal, Final Lap   Start: 13:10

8. Finishers’ Buffet

Finishers who finish the race will be able to join the finishers' buffet which will be served by our sponsors.


9. Environmental Awareness

The race takes place in a park. Participants are therefore required to fully respect the natural environment, in particular by not throwing away rubbish, and harm the natural habitat. Acting otherwise shall lead to disqualification.


10. Health and Safety

In case of bad weather conditions, such as dense fog or storm, the organization reserves the right to make last-minute changes in order to prevent potential hazards or difficult conditions for the participants. This may include suspending or cancelling the race or making modifications to the route. The participants should obey these decisions. Any changes will be announced to the participants before the race, or at refreshment points during the race.

Medical teams and ambulance will be present at the main refreshment stations and important points determined by the organization. Their exact location will be announced before the race. Medical personnel can check the participants during the race and decide to stop their race if deemed necessary for health reasons. The participants should obey these decisions.


11. Mandatory Equipment

During the race, the participants are obliged to carry the mandatory items listed below:

- Appropriate Footwear

- Race bib (should be visible all times and will be given by the organisation)


12. Disqualification and Time Penalties

The following actions lead to immediate disqualification from the race:

- Not passing from any of the checkpoints.

- Taking a shortcut or using a vehicle.

- Failing to help a participant in difficulty.

- Throwing away rubbish or harming the natural habitat.

- Rejecting to be checked by the medical personnel.

- Not obeying the decisions given by the medical personnel or organization.

- Not carrying the mandatory items, or rejecting their check by the organization.

A disqualified participant will not be allowed to continue the race.


13. Results

Partial results during and official results after the race will be announced at website. Results will be ranked in the following categories:

- Men/Women Overall


14. Prizes

There are no cash prizes in SonaKal. All participants will be awarded a finisher medal which mentions the total lap ran.

Non-monetary prizes shall be awarded to the participants in the following categories:

- Men Overall

- Women Overall


15. Rights of Visual Material Use

The participants authorize the Organization and the sponsors to freely use any images and videos depicting them during the event. Registered participants are considered to have read and accepted the KVKK(Personal Data Protection Law) rules and information.


16. Waiver of Responsibility

Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in SonaKal indicates full acceptance of the rules and any changes they may have to undergo. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.